Mont Klamott von Silly

Der Beitrag von Mitzi ließ mich daran denken, denn so einen Berg haben wir auch in Berlin!

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    1. Sure! short and in bad english 😉 it’s something like this:
      between all the noise and the dust, there is a green place (she called it „bump“)
      at the weekend we are going there to breathe freely
      one day she sit there with an old lady and they talk about these and those and she says: Thank god, the fathers of the city get an idea and built this green place. The old lady smiles (but a little bit in a sad way) and she says: let them rest, they are dead like germanys ascension, the mother of this town scrape the hill together
      and the refrain: Mont Klamott – on the top of berlin, the meadows are so green

      the hill is in the Park Friedrichshain, here in Berlin and he was built with the debris of the 2nd world war

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