The London Treasure

A collection of culture and historical insights into a great city

„London’s vibrant culture and long heritage has made it one of the most visited and best-loved cities in the world. This fascination book, brimming with intriguing facts and stories, takes a look at everyday life in the capital, as well as the city’s major events trough history. It reveals:

  • Where you will find London’s oldest pub
  • The legend of the Tower of London
  • How London’s famous Notting Hill Carnival began
  • The average life expectancy of a Londoner
  • What qualifies a person as a Cockney“


  1. A Short History of London
  2. Entertainment
  3. Historic Buildings and Areas
  4. Place Names
  5. Art and Museum
  6. Parks and Gardens
  7. Crime
  8. Civil Rights, Protest and Riots
  9. Plague and Fire
  10. Religious Buildings
  11. The River Thames and Other Waters
  12. London Miscellany
  13. London Traditions
  14. Transport
  15. MArkets
  16. London’s Lost Coffee and Chocolate Houses
  17. Sport
  18. Ghosts and Myths
  19. Literary London
  20. Shopping
  21. Bed and Board
  22. Animals


Before the Thames had so many bridges and when the river was much wider, it did not flow as fast as it does today and would occasionally freeze over completely. London was much colder before the population grew so big, before houses with fireplaces were prevalent. Between 1607 and 1814 there were seven recorded large frost fairs on the Thames; there was also ice-skating and other sports on the frozen river.


This is the only round church in London, and one of just four left in England (the other three are in Cambridge, Essex and Northampton). It was built by the Knights Templar during the twelfth-century Crusades and was consecrated in 1185.


A gilt-covered cherub o the corner of Cock Lane and Giltspur Street in the City of London marks the place where the last embers of the fire were reputed to have burnt themselves out. It is known as Pie Corner.


There are four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in London:

  • The Tower of London
  • Westminster Abbey and its church
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew
  • Maritime Greenwich

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